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Man Gets Caught Trying To Kill Homeless (Mannequin) Persons In Undercover Sting

May 19, 2017

Info :

The surveillance video shows a man walking back and forth at the intersection of Ogden and City Parkway in downtown Las Vegas. The video is from Feb. 23. Police say the man in the video is Shane Schindler and, after a few minutes, he makes an unexpected move. The video shows Schindler standing over the mannequin decoy they placed in a sleeping bag. A minute later, he reaches into a plastic bag and pulls out a mini-sledgehammer. He uses both arms to lift the hammer over his head and strikes the mannequin. Seconds later, Schindler walks away and officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department move in with guns drawn. LVMPD Officer Larry Hadfield called the sting an innovative way to try and catch a suspected killer.