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Grandma Doesn't Spot Marine Grandson Surprise

Sep 11, 2017

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This is the hilarious moment an oblivious grandma doesn’t even notice her Marine grandson standing a few feet in front of her during a homecoming surprise. At home in Titusville, Florida, USA, Mena Lebrum is in for the surprise of a lifetime, as her grandson, Nathan, has flown back secretly after two years away to see her. But not all goes to plan, as the 74-year-old has seemingly forgotten to put her glasses on. Shuffling out of the front door under the ruse there’s a huge turtle on the drive-way, Mena walks out to a crowd of anticipating faces, eagerly awaiting her reaction to seeing her grandson after such a long time. However, the atmosphere remains as the septuagenarian looks directly at Nathan and then back down at the floor in confusion, without the merest hint of excitement.