• meep :3

    definition of a nigger

    • Rezeya Montecore

      I’ve read through your comments, little girl. If you’re part of the master race, humanity is totally clusterfucked, because you sound dumber than shit.

      • Ryan

        There is a difference between a black person and a nigger.

        • viral

          This man understands.

          A black man is respectful of others and a welcome member of society, a nigger is everything but…

          • Rezeya Montecore

            Neat. Thanks for the explanation, guys. Now I can cover the “have acceptable uses of the N-word explained to me by pasty white nerds” square on my Internet Bingo card.

          • johnnybones

            I hear black people, africans and jamaicans call other black people niggers all the time, they understand the difference too.

          • jackedclown

            Name one thing…just one. That your people invented and that I use everyday. Even better, answer me this, if everyone in the US had to go back to their original country. Which country would you have to go back too? Mine is either Italy or Ireland. So vacation spots really. But most people would have to go back to a 3rd world shit hole. Getting murdered and raped by your own people in a country that can’t support you because you all haven’t evolved. Look around you. We rule this shit.

          • ProudWhiteMan(Not Racist)

            To be fair, black people were probably doing just fine before imperialists came in and started to abduct black people to be used as slaves. That being said, tribe leaders would take bribes to sell their own people to imperialists. The slaves that managed to come back to wherever they were taken in West Africa would use what they learned from the slave trade to enslave their own people. ALL races have been used as slaves at some point in history.

            Rezeya, black people perpetuate stereotypes and continue to segregate themselves. The use of the word “nigger” is just one example of self-racism that slows progress towards racial equality. How come white people don’t have a word that oppresses them? Because they don’t give a fuck to be called a cracker or a haole. If you want people to stop using a word, quit being offended by it.

            But hey, I’m white, so I guess my opinion on the matter is invalid.

          • ProudWhiteMan(Not Racist)

            Oh, and jackedclown, Elijah McCoy was a black engineer who invented the automatic oil cup, which is a method used in all auto mechanics for engines to self lubricate. I’d say that’s a massive invention. You use it every time you start your car.

          • Keg
          • Kweku

            The reason that some African countries are in such bad conditions are because of The surge of imperialism in the west and also having democracy shoved down their throats and resulting in corrupt governments that do nothing for their people.

          • Kweku

            Also some things that African Americans invented potato chips, the carbon-filament light bulb, blood banks, gas masks and the list goes on so do some research before you make a statement like that.

          • Mire

            Well to begin with black people built every major U.S city and the entire infrastructure that most people take for granted. This was a feat that is not possible with sheer man power alone. It required skilled workers- not simply laborers. Skilled workers who had to learn how to hide the fact they had any intelligence whatsoever for fear of being murdered. Did you know that? Educated or even intelligent slaves were killed outright out of fear. So you want a small inventors list? Fine…I won’t mention George Washington Carver since that’s too mainstream so here’s some names I’m sure you’ve never heard of!

            Benjamin Banneker: Developed the first clock built in the United States, studied astronomy and developed an almanac. Helped to create the layout of the building streets and monuments for the Nation’s Capitol – Washington, D.C.

            Mark Dean: Created numerous devices for personal computer architecture and helped revolutionize the computer industry.

            Charles Drew: A pioneer in the field of blood preservation, he developed a method for separating plasma from the whole blood so they could be combined later. Also determined that plasma could be administered to certain patients regardless of their blood type. Helped to establish the modern blood bank.

            Lonnie Johnson: A rocket scientist, he created one of the favorite toys of the 1990′s – the “Super Soaker.”

            Lewis Latimer: After beginning his career drafting the patent application for Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone, he developed into a prolific inventor and rivaled Thomas Edison in the field of electric lighting. He is credited with the invention of the carbon filament.

            Garrett Morgan: A prolific inventor, he is known for his creations including a hair-straightener, the gas mask and the automatic traffic signal.

            Also Italy is currently in a hellish financial crisis and has an enormous amount of unemployment so you’d most likely be homeless!

            Ireland on the other hand suffered through this little thing called civil war and home grown terrorism (according to the U.S government at least) so you know what? I highly doubt you’d be very welcomed back into Ireland and would most likely be treated very poorly and discriminated against so have fun with that you twat.

            I’m not even white or black but damn I bet you’re one of those white people who eat up nothing but welfare but complain about everyone else keeping the white man down.

            Look out it’s a jacked clown!

          • Treequois1

            The modern stop light..idiot

          • rapedaclown

            one thing black people invented was got your whore of a mother screaming like a pig when they stuck it inside her and had you bitch ass

        • Donny

          That’s outstanding. Now, is this a conversation you’d be comfortable having in, say, East St. Louis? At the top of your lungs? Around 11 pm? You can pick the predominately black area of your choice. If you aren’t comfortable saying that shit in public you shouldn’t be a keyboard hero because it’s fucking racist. The word is racist and there’s no way to justify it by saying, “Nah…he acts that way.” Another person of color wants to use it? Great. I’d say 400 years of slavery gives them ownership of that word.

      • ANNUNO

        She just a dumb fuck

      • Ben

        She uses a PC, of course she is part of the Master Race. You even acknowledged there is one.. who’s more racist there?

      • Evasive Joshua

        for the people that like your comment including yourself are a cluster fuck of dumb shits. if you cant differ a nigger without looking at race, then you should consider yourself racist.

    • Herbie Hancock

      Such racist, much hardcore

    • mtent57

      So edgy. I bet your mama’s proud of the bigot you turned out to be.

      • TJ

        You gotta learn that there’s a difference between black PEOPLE and nigger monkeys like this.

        Just like there’s a difference between white PEOPLE and white trash.

        • James

          Uhhh White people can br niggers too

          • TJ

            Those are called wiggers. Learn your slang.

    • Sekonda H


    • kid

      I really can’t tell you how much I hate you. :)

    • jack mort

      I despise you

    • Gatorburger

      There are a lot of comments here where the person who is posting believes that they are being clever for differentiating between the definitions of “black guy” and “nigger”. Am I the only person who thinks that this sounds really ignorant? To me, it seems like racist people, who are pretenting like they aren’t racist people, just do this as an excuse to continue saying this abusive word.

    • ANNUNO

      Stfu dumb ass BITCH

  • formerteddybear


    • Blue Gum

      *rolls eyes*
      Anyone else sick of idiots saying this?

      • Guiguni

        you sound like an asshole yourself blue gum

        • kid

          You’re such an asshole Guiguni, why would you point that out!

        • Blue Gum

          *loses faith in humanity*

      • formerteddybear

        I say it because assholes like you exist

        • Blue Gum

          I’m not an asshole, you and others like you are just ignorant people who do not even understand what “humanity” is.

          Feel free to continue posting shit like “#faithinhumanityrestored” and “#lostfaithinhumanity” for every single negative or positive thing that any individual or small group of people do while ignoring everything else not currently on the screen in front of you.

  • Deanna

    why would the security guard walk away the moment
    when he started to get into the elders couples faith! like wtf

    • Phenry65

      That was a TSA officer, not a security guard.

      • Frank

        TSA = Transportation Security Administration

        bus = transportation

        • nope

          You DO NOT want them to start thinking they can harass people on public transit too…trust me. The airport is bad enough, let’s leave it at that.

        • Mansgame

          Probably someone just going home.

        • Carlo Baker

          Asking why a TSA agent didn’t jump in a fight is the same as asking why a Taco Bell employee didn’t break up the fight. The only difference between the two is the uniform and the fact they applied at the tsa first. Same exact qualifications and lack of ambition.

          • Mr Sweet

            But in an airport that TSA officer would kung fu kick your sorry ass for no valid reason. Your comparison of her to a Taco Bell employee is garbage. TSA officers have training on self defence, she should have known better and helped that poor couple

    • gary questions

      why do you have a lisp on the internet?

    • asdf

      Because she is a women and her opponent was fairly big ape. Idk but i guess that she also had no weapon like tazer or bat

  • mosh

    Well deserved indeed,,

  • Kyle

    That dude is like a black Jesse

  • JewRonImo

    God, what a nigger. Thankfully there were so many more upstanding individuals, some of whom coincidentally happened to be black, to put that nigger in his place.

    • Mynameismyname

      Yeah those black guys really fucked that nigger up

  • KR

    what the hell is he wearing? Looks like B-movie space armor

    • jackedclown


  • Sandokan

    Is it me or I saw a policewoman leave the scene?

    • Blue Gum


  • TJ

    I just got a boner.

  • Mansgame

    When are we going to learn that we are all human beings on the same journey and there is no room in polite society for vertical video?

  • 545416855987988666 .

    this video player is FUCKING AWFUL

  • chap

    they’re all black but only one nigger

  • Guest


  • Gatorburger

    There are a lot of comments here where the person who is posting believes that they are being clever for differentiating between the definitions of “black guy” and “nigger”. Am I the only person who thinks that this sounds really ignorant? To me, it seems like racist people, who are pretenting like they aren’t racist people, just do this as an excuse to continue saying this abusive word.

    • 45HJ

      There are a lot of racist black people by your definition. I can’t believe people place such severe judgment on words. Do you know what a real racist would have done to that thug? A real racist would have pulled him out to the street, made him bite the curb, then stomped on his head. Those are the ones you should worry about.

  • Guest

    who was the thing at the start that walks out of the way with a police or security badge, transit police or Walmart guard?

  • Nicholas Grace

    Lady at the start who walks away has a badge on uniform, transit police or walmart guard?

  • gah

    Just another day on public transportation whenever there are blacks on it.

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  • youreallythinkso

    if people jumped trash like this more often the world we be a better place. Glad those people stood up for the elderly couple. However I think they could have intervened a little earlier.

  • Juice

    There is always some dumbass yelling “world star!”

  • jon

    Wahoooo good bystanders. Fuck that dude tryna fight an elderly person like the coward he is.